About me

My name is Ashish Kapoor.
I am a well-qualified executive who would be an excellent choice for a senior management position in your company, as it is a direct match with my experience.

Conceiving, developing and executing the strategies and initiatives that drive revenues, growth, competitive market positioning, profit, and increase shareholder's value, is what I do best!

Dear Prospective Investor,

I would like to give you a brief characterization of myself in the following paragraph.

Throughout my career, I have earned a track-record of success in managing complex business initiatives and achieving exceptional rather than expected results.

I have the distinction of being an executive who possess the experience, capabilities and judgment for taking a business to its next level of success or resolving the deficiencies that impede its ability to grow and prosper. I have been characterized as a corporate strategy expert and am credited with personal contributions to the top-line and bottom-line performance successes. I am a "doer" who is highly skilled in visualizing and executing a plan and doing whatever it takes to deliver. I am driven by challenges and undaunted by obstacles - and over the course of my career I have fought and won virtually all types. I am accustomed to and effective in high-profile executive roles, making high-stakes decisions. My management style can be described as "hands-on" and decisive, yet flexible - I value and reward creative thinking, initiative, teamwork, commitment and performance.

I am confident in my ability to meet and exceed your expectations and I would welcome the opportunity to the experience of working with you or your Company in building an empire. If you think we meet each others requirement then please do not hesitate to contact me for further discussions on this all-important matter.